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G40 Gee Crawfish Trap

by Gee's
Original price $30.00 - Original price $57.00
Original price
$30.00 - $57.00
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Gee's Galvanized Wire Crawfish Trap - 16.5in

The old reliable Gee's Crawfish Trap has been used and endorsed by fisherman for 100 years. This trap's sturdy construction features the finest quality steel and wire, heavily galvanized and strongly reinforced. Gee's Galvanized Wire Crawfish Trap is efficient, durable, easy to operate and semi-collapsible. Built to conform to the laws of various states as to overall dimensions and size of entrance holes. 

  • Constructed with 1/4in mesh
  • 16.5in long
  • 9in at largest diameter
  • 2.25in diameter entrance hole

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